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Thursday, 26 March 2015.

FedEx Corporation

FedEx Corporation is a global organization that starts as a consignment in 1971. The company offers transportation and electronic commerce services around the world. It is one of the most reliable employers in the world, and one of them is one of the largest companies in the world. FedEx provides integrated business applications through the joint work of companies under the FedEx Corporation brand. Some companies that operate under the brand include FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, FedEx Custom Critical, FedEx Trade Networks, and FedEx Supply Chain (History of FedEx operating companies, 2013). The company uses modern information systems, which link companies with the convenience of customers in the use of their services. Working with several organizations around the world, FedEx Corporation provides support in various areas that contribute to the strengthening of the organization’s strength

Organization environment

The organizational environment is important for the success of any company (Allen, 2001). Most of the organization’s operations are performed in Memphis, Tennessee. This simplifies the delivery of air bags to US cities. The organization is under the professional leadership of FGretrick Smith, who has been the CEO for the last thirty years. He has experience in using tactical advice and developing a business strategy. He is responsible for the strategic direction of the organization (Thought Leadership, 2013). Frédéric Kuznetsov assured that the organization has an aggressive service strategy for various regions of the world and constantly strives to create a solid foundation of the organization in order to ensure the satisfaction of the best goods and services. The organization is also in the forefront of technological progress. He saw that the information systems were in the same order with the latest technology. FedEx Corporation has become one of the first companies to use the Internet and create a website (Allen, 2001). Their Web sites enable customers to create their own coded delivery tags that are unique to each client. They are used in requesting couriers to collect the goods. The company also took advantage of LAN technology by accelerating communication between delivery terminals and the central database (Goals and Progress, 2013)

The diversity of labour resources is a concept that is applied in many organizations at the global level. The organizational culture is based on their beliefs, values, assumptions and rules. People should work together if they look at each other through cultural lines. Prejudice and negative attitudes towards people from different cultures or discrimination in organizations destroy the reputation of the company and instil fear among people to seek employment in the organization (Shore et al, 2009). In FedEx Corporation, the Corporation supports cultural diversity in the workforce. The company has a reputation for investing in multi-lingualism. The company is based on people’s philosophy, thus enabling employees to interact with each other in a way that is respectful, despite their race or colour. FedEx has more than two hundred participants all over the world (Information about the company, 2013)

Because of the diversity of the organization’s workforce, it was able to perform more effectively at the global level because it gives customers a sense of belonging that increases its effectiveness. The company is also very sensitive to gender issues, using many working women and even other participants from such groups as gay, lesbian and transgender (Jackson & Maddy). The organization also has suppliers and corporate diversity. It supports future suppliers by providing them with access to their supply chain to build their portfolios. They are valuable to all suppliers, employees and corporate members, regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality or ethnicity. FedEx Corporation was able to limit discrimination by strengthening other goals far from culture. The company provides its employees with new ideas and information. In addition, employees of the company are also trained in respect and tolerance of each other by promoting equal treatment for all. This allowed the organization to successfully develop and succeed in the international market (Jackson & Maddy)

Ethics and characters allowed the company to rise to the high level in which it is now located. The company’s Ethical Obligations are respect for all their customers, employees, companies, and communities that it serves. The company uses a variety of voluntary programs that enable it to interact with community members in which it operates outside of normal working hours. They are actively involved in philanthropic activities, project finance, community work and community service

Specific policies and practices that affect selected and organizational results

Investment in infrastructure

FedEx Corporation has used technology to create a strong universal infrastructure to advance the company’s success and its competitive advantages over its competitors. Because customers need to know the origin of their products and the way to the expected destination, the organization has created an opportunity to outstrip its competitors that customers can use to track and verify their shipments. It has ensured that clients can now track their materials from the source to their destination through their personal computers. They focus on the continuous development of innovations to meet the needs of their clients

Global strategy and risk

Through its extensive global infrastructure, it was able to enter new important regions, thus creating a large volume of gross domestic product. They have established new focal points in the Philippines and Paris. The organization has a strong interest in the Asian market (innovation, 2013). In addition, it also offers advantageous advantages to its customers and makes it most advantageous to its competitors. The company also has a pricing strategy that benefits customers who use both delivery services and courier services. The organization is often focused on the activities carried out by it. It achieves its goals by working together with its partners. The choice is made on the basis of increased delivery, technological networks and other services that increase their ability to profit from the profit of the organization

A practice affected by the diversity of organizations

The communication and culture of the people seem to be different, so that they fit and can work as a collective to achieve the goals of the organization. On the basis of how people fight diversity differently, multinational organizations leave programmes of diversity to managers at the national level. Diversity is seen as a measure of equality for all and helps in the fight against corruption and in improving relations between those who feel more secure in their jobs, knowing that they are judged according to their productivity, not by origin, religion or race

The organization’s behavior

Organizational behavior and guidance is important for any company. If the organization’s behavior is not effective, the company will not be able to achieve its objectives as expected (Kondalkar, 2007). FedEx Corporation is one of those companies that have a reputation within the organizational culture of customer support. The culture of the organization begins with the management and then the staff.  The employees of the organization are loyal because of their use in conjunction with other employees and compressed working weeks. The organization also offers distance work to its staff. As the employer is satisfied with the services, they provide satisfactory services to clients

FedEx Corporation is known to be known for identifying and enhancing good conduct of employees. This is tracked because it focuses on other employees and their clients. Strengthening helps to ensure efficiency in organizational culture. The company’s employees also have video messages from the executive management of all the Roots, which reminds employees very much about what they expect from managers. All companies have focused on making sustainable investments in the assets necessary to increase their productivity. The leaders also created compensation programs related to the performance of the organization

Finally, organizational behavior has become an excellent contribution to the development of FedEx Corporation. The organization monitors its activities through digital networks that enable their clients to communicate with and use them. The company is still focused on making it more efficient because of the competition it faces with other organizations that provide similar services. With a focus on diversity and innovation, the company is likely to be in the best position in the rating. In addition, the company’s efforts to provide good service to clients and to improve employee performance are increasing their chances of admiration for many people

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