Birmingham: guide for students.

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If you want to go to a big city for a university, but you don't want expensive accommodation in London, Birmingham is a great choice. It is the second largest city in the UK, which is home to house 1.1 million people ...

This means that it is culturally diverse, viable and complete to see and do; you will never be bored to live in Birmingham ...

Below we take you through everything, from transportation to night life, to help you get a sense of life in Birmingham as a student ...

Birmingham: Key facts.

  • Number of universities: 5.
  • Number of students: 80,000.
  • Average rental cost: 75 lb per week.
  • Average cost of pint: £ 2.94.
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    Birmingham live cost.

    First of all, how much is it gonna cost you to live in Birmingham? We've broken the city's monthly expenses with comfortable tables.

    University of Birmingham.

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    Birmingham has five universities, making it one of the largest centers of higher education outside London-and this also means that there is a great student culture in the city ..

    Student housing.

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    There are thousands of student flats and properties in Birmingham and around Birmingham, so you won't fight to find some digs ...

    For student digs, the average cost of rent can vary from £ 95 to £ 150 a week, obviously depending on the location and the quality of the house. Check this out.Student trip to Birmingham.

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    Being one of the largest capital hubs outside the capital, Birmingham is not surprisingly having a very well-connected transport system ..

    Whether you get to and from the away, or travel home for Christmas, you'll find plenty of ways to go.

    If you live in one of the popular student areas like Celli Oak, you probably want to walk past the student train, as it would facilitate his work in the center of the city (and you would have to walk on foot). For more information, see.

    The Birmingham bus system, serviced by the main West Midlands Express, is quite effective and comprehensive ...

    Buses will take you anywhere, and you can use Birmingham.

    The cost of one fare is about £ 2.30, and even though you can't get back tickets, the day ticket is about £ 4.50 ...

    Alternatively, you can buy Tuzlo, Birmingham.

    Birmingham is not the best for cyclists, but available-and there are plans to make Birmingham more friendly ...

    There are many pedestrians in the center of the city, and there are not many cyclists in the city center, and of course you will need to look at the traffic, of course ..

    In recent years, however, the City Council has established a new bicycle trail to connect the University of Birmingham and Celli Oak to the city centre. Cyclists can now operate freely in the city without having to deal with cars and pedestrians ..

    If you're looking online, you can get a good deal on a bicycle delivered to your door.

    Metro works between Wolverhampton and Birmingham and is a simple way to go around ..

    In the last few years metro system has been enlarged so that you can now get from the train station "Birmingham Snow Hill" (the original end of the line), through the center of the city to the newly developed Grand Central Station. There are plans to expand the list of destinations even further ...

    The price of the subway varies depending on your destination. Returnable passage for adults (stage 2).

    In one week, one month or one year, there are long-term gaps in the metro. The annual pass will cost £ 800, which, if you plan to use the meter every day, will save you a significant amount for the year ...

    It is also a good idea to see the joint tickets for the proposal for the metro and buses. You can find the latest information about public transport in Birmingham.

    Student nights in Birmingham.We know that the university studies and gets this.

    In Birmingham, you will ruin your choice when it comes to night, whether you're in the house of music or the jute-song ...

    As in most major cities, Birmingham has a musical scene in Indie, so if you're looking for somewhere to sing Mr Breitside at 3:00, try this:

    If you are in your pop music and dance, these are the clubs to which you want:.

    R&B, House and Hip-Hop.

    City genres are huge in Birmingham, with these most popular:

    Dubstep, Drum & Bass, and Techno.

    Birmingham is undoubtedly the leading player on the dance scene and is the original home of bassline music:.

    In addition, Birmingham also has a lively music scene where all the big names will be presented, the following big things, and more local, independent musicians ...

    Best places to eat in Birmingham.

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    Birmingham boasts some of the best food products in the UK, as well as others from all over the world. If you like it.

    It's about Birmingham.

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    Each city has its own major sights and entertainment hot spots, and Birmingham is no different. There are only a few things here to keep you busy after you finish this term: