Public educator, graduate student, and purveyor of book smarts, street knowledge, common sense, and the wisdom of the elders from way back whence – and relentlessly living, jiving, and digging the skin he’s in.

And soon, we’ll throw ‘novelist’ in there too.



2 Responses to “About”
  1. Li is "S.W.A.A.M." says:

    I enjoyed reading your comments on various links – especially, your observation of “enjoy your time protesting”…yes, silent laughter while appreciating my library time is a TRUE blessing…Especial-Li, while sitting near – cell phone chats I DON’T want to hear…Feel me?

    The News And Notes discussion I heard included a comment about folks hoping to make the impression of having more difficult experiences in an effort to build credibility.
    I wonder what the awareness is of how often interest is lost on those who’s “hard knocks” stories are less than impressive enough to be considered part of a conversation of “overcome”…Don’t get it twisted – weak minds NEED to fabricate to hold argument. My point – however, is the entertainment value of those who want to – ? – “lessen an intense moment” by clowning a speaker’s experience has (on countless occasions) over-shadowed a point which needed to be absorbed by listening.

    Of course, I read my e-mail – before enlisting “Spell Check”, and find space for – implied, empathy/sympathy for fabricators…This, my brother, is NOT my “intend”.

  2. Bayer Mack says:


    My company, BLOCK STARZ MUSIC, produces offcially-licensed compilations featuring new, independent, and unsigned recording artists. Our first release, West Coast Block Starz, is a collection of tracks selected by various music editors and journalists like yourself designed to re-introduce the rest of the country (and world) to the “New West” movement. With guest appearances by hitmakers like Dr. Dre, E-40, and Snoop Dogg, West Coast Block Starz is a reminder of what you loved about the Left Side and I’d like to get you to review it.

    Please forward guidelines for submitting material for review consideration.

    Thank you,

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