New League Order?

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With a couple days’ perspective, I can look at the McNabb trade more rationally. It’s hard, because McNabb was probably my favorite player in the League. Probably second behind Dawkins, but they were neck-and-neck, at worst. Deep in my heart of hearts, I wanted him to win a chip with the Eagles. That dream is dead.

I think the Eagles are gonna be okay by the time a couple years pass, if not before. The only question mark on the offense is Kolb, and honestly, his skill set may play a little better in Andy Reid’s system than Dono’s did. Moreover, Reid might continue his trend of actually using some semblance of a running game when he as a quarterback not named McNabb. If he sends Kolb back to pass 45-50 times a game, he’s gonna catch the beating of life. The bigger challenge for the Eagles this year is gonna come from their defense, or the lack thereof. That defense is gonna be as suspect as OJ in 95 (and thereafter…).

As far as McNabb and the Redskins go, this is a curious match. Going way back, I’ve said that McNabb was gonna be like Elway. Now he’s with Elway’s old coach. On a team with a solid defense. With the potential to have a decent running game. The big limitation of the Redskins is the line. If (and that’s a big if) they can get their line together, the addition of McNabb might give them a two-year window to put a winning product on the field.

I don’t know what I’m gonna do now. I don’t know if it’s physically possible for me to root for the Redskins, especially not against the Eagles. But I’m also sure I can’t root against Dono. I guess the rooting order is now:
1. Eagles
1a. Stillers
Black head coach and/or starting QB.



3 Responses to “New League Order?”
  1. brotherbrown says:

    Shanahan has a blocking philosophy, and he will find people who can block in his system, which does indeed indicate a robust running game. Santana Moss can catch a football, though Randle El is gone, and I don’t know who else is there. I hate that McNabb finally got Desean Jackson and now goes elsewhere, but Moss makes up for it to some extent, though Jackson is slightly better in my book.

    I sort of wished Donnie ended up in Oakland or Phoenix.

  2. wendypope says:

    Two guys were walking through the jungle. All of a sudden,a tiger appears from a distance,
    running towards them. One of the guys takes out a pair of Nikes from his bag and starts to
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  3. That’s Romo! QBs are flinging it more often than ever, which means there are gonna be interceptions. The NFC East QBs are quite the adventure, aren’t they?

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