Whachu Gon Play Now?

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Summer Soft – Stevie Wonder
Spasmodic Movements – Earth, Wind, and Fire
Superman Lover – Johnny “Guitar” Watson
Sign O’ The Times – Prince
Shut the Eff Up (Hoe)! – MC Lyte
Slow Down – Brand Nubian
Solid – Mandrill
Soon As I Get Home – Faith Evans
Slam Pit – Beatnuts, f. Common
Sometimes I Rhyme Slow – Nice & Smooth
Soul Power – James Brown
Steve Biko – A Tribe Called Quest



One Response to “Whachu Gon Play Now?”
  1. wendypope says:

    There was an art exposition, and the artist who painted the pictures for the exposition asked the gallery owner whether anyone had been interested in his paintings.So the owner said, “I have good news and bad news for you.
    The good news is that there was a gentleman interested in your paintings and he asked me whether your artwork would increase in value after your death, just like that of many other artists. So I said, yes, of course, it would.
    According to your potential, your paintings will, of course,increase in value after your death. So he bought fifteen ofthem altogether. That’s the good news.” Then the artist asked,
    “What about the bad news?” And the gallery owner replied, “The guy who bought the paintings is your doctor.”

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