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Every year, it’s the same thing, only this year the good part wasn’t quite as good and the yucky part is many, many times worse.

About midway through last season, after McNabb got benched against the Ravens, I thought it was a wrap for him in Philly. He and the Eagles proved me wrong with a magical run to the NFC Championship, where they were ultimately outdone by an even more magical team with a more magical quarterback. This year seems to have been the opposite. Early on, they were kinda suspect, but midway through the season and going into the 4th quarter of the season, people were arguing that they might have been the best team in the NFC. Then the wheels fell off. Big time.

Andy Reid just got a contract extension, so we know he’s not going anywhere. Which means that Donovan is likely out the door. I don’t worry about professional athletes, much less feel sorry for them. Not while they’re still playing, at least. But I do wish McNabb had managed to get four more points on the board back in January of 05. I’ve always said that he would be an Elway type, winning his championship in the latter part of his career. Had Andy Reid ever developed a run-first mentality, I think the Eagles would have a ring or two by now. Given that he didn’t, Donovan will be forced to try his hand elsewhere. Wherever he goes, I hope they have a stable running game and a good line.

Meanwhile, let’s go…oh. They’re at home, too.



4 Responses to “Guh!”
  1. DarkStar says:

    We’re just up the road. I can sneak you on the Ravens’ bandwagon…

  2. Avery says:

    Hmmmm…let me find some good Ravens gear at the thrift store and I might slide in there. LOL. I was rockin my Browns jersey last Saturday (before the Igs played.)

  3. brotherbrown says:

    The Dallas hype is comical. Not a month ago, the Chargers spanked them. 11 straight win to end the regular season is probably more meaningful that starting the year 11-0. But we’ll fly below the radar for now; I expect a good game against the Jets.

    The Ravens were impressive, and I love it when anyone defeats the Patriots and makes Brady looks bad. As Vince Lombardi said, “the more you run, the more hard-nosed you are.”

    The Cards look like they know what they are doing, on offense, anyway.

    A San Diego-Arizona Super Bowl would have a strange attraction for me because it represents the two closest football franchises to the LA market.

    There will be a new mega-Stadium 30 miles east of LA, built by the same people who brought us the Staples Center, ready in 2013. Betcha the Jaguars will be on the move west on the I-10.

  4. Leana Zitzow says:

    Long time reader / 1st time poster. Really enjoy reading the blog, keep up the good work. Will most definitely start posting more in the near future.

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