Terrible, Not Turrble

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ESPN reflects on the Terrible Towel.

Among the things that has the Stillers trying so hard to take me from the Iggles is the Terrible Towel. There is simply nothing like it in sports. It’s all in the article, but I’m tellin you what I know first-hand. Steelers fans? Terrible Towels. You go to the bar to watch the game? Terrible Towels. I see people with those window flags, but I’m just waitin til somebody figures out how to make a Terrible Towel window flag. Or just flap a Terrible Towel out the window.

And yes, I have one. Or Three. Been had em.



5 Responses to “Terrible, Not Turrble”
  1. blackink says:

    There might not be a better group of fans than those who root for the Steelers. I once watched a Houston Texans game at a Steelers bar in DALLAS. I talked a little trash, downed a couple of beers and had some fun with that crew. Just a great bunch. The Texans won that game, probably the worst win in NFL history, and no blows were thrown.

    And, of course, they had those towels. If the Steelers hadn’t caused so much grief for my Oilers back in the day, I might love them my damn self. A black coach? The Rooney Rule? I dunno, man. That’s some good stuff.

  2. Just out of curiosity, do you know anything else about the Terrible Towel?

    Myron Cope “created” the terrible towel, and since it’s creation, all proceeds have gone to the school for disabled students including Cope’s own son.

    After his death, Cope willed that all proceeds from the towel continue to go to the school.

    So if you buy a Terrible Towel, make sure you get an official one, so proceeds continue to support the school.

  3. Avery says:

    i didn’t know all that til i read the article yesterday. and yeah, i’ve only ever gotten the authentic Myron Cope Terrible Towel.

  4. MIB says:

    I’ve had mine since ’79.

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