Oh, Really?

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I don’t particularly fool with Slim and Baby’s musical progeny (with the exception of Weezy just a little bit, and the unfortunately catchy “I’m Still Fly”), but I cannot be mad at this: Cash Money Records co-founders, Birdman and Ronald “Slim” Williams are trying their hands in another business venture outside the music world. They’re [...]

Jesus Is Black

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– and his name is Brett Favre. Look at the video proof:

Wha’chu Gon Play Now? – Songs of 09

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I’m really late with this one, but here we go. You Are The Way You Are (instrumental) – Marvin Gaye Master Teacher – Erykah Badu (the 2nd half is like a warm spring after a hard winter.) Buttercup – Jackson 5 Under The Cherry Moon Scene? – Prince? (I really don’t know how to label [...]

Born Day

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The GOAT is LXVII Kal El didn’t want none.

This Ain’t Checkers, It’s Chess!

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As far as spectator sports go, I’m a football dude. I pay attention to basketball from time to time, and baseball during the playoffs (if the Phillies are in it), but if it’s fall or winter, and I’m only gonna watch one thing on television that week, then odds are, it’s gonna be football — [...]


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Every year, it’s the same thing, only this year the good part wasn’t quite as good and the yucky part is many, many times worse. About midway through last season, after McNabb got benched against the Ravens, I thought it was a wrap for him in Philly. He and the Eagles proved me wrong with [...]


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It’s been a long time…I shouldn’a left you… (c) Rakim Mediamonkey is serenading this morning, and it brings up The Way We Were by Gladys Knight. In the intro to that song, she points out that “We look back and we think, the winters were warmer, the grass was greener…” because those were the good [...]

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