Dunk You Very Much

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Sports Illustrated has a list of some all-time great dunks. Most of the ones from college or pro ball, I’ve already seen, and I don’t know if anything quite bad enough to supplant my number-one WPOAT (Worst Posterization of All Time), but there are some that are quite impressive. I knew Clyde had hops, but [...]

Tick-Tock, Game’s Locked

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In certain discussions of sports all-time greats, the top positions are already taken, and it’s just a matter of arranging everybody else. So when you talk about centers, you have: Wilt Russell Kareem People may order them differently, but that’s pretty much gonna be the overwhelming majority of people’s top 3. Similarly, with running backs, [...]

We’re Doin’ Business Here

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Life’s been kinda lifey — but in a good way. At any rate, I’me perusing youtube, and I see a set of commercials that would absolutely make me by the product if I was in that market. The first one is a classic: Second one’s good too: But this one right here? This takes the [...]

The King Is Dead. Long Live The King

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It’s hard for me to properly place Michael Jackson in my personal pantheon. On the one hand, I fully believe that Mike is the biggest star I will ever see in my lifetime, and may very well be bigger than any star that will ever be, given the manner in which media is fragmented these [...]


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Hot Pants – Hank Carbo Searchin for Soul – Jack Wade & The Soul Searchers Packed Up – Bill Conti Ode to Billy Joe – Lou Donaldson Shake A Tail Feather – Ike & Tina Turner Contact The Three Degrees Willow Weep For Me – Johnny Lewis Quartet Do You Really Want To Hurt Me [...]

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