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DarkStar called it a long time ago. Pontiac is done. I was hoping that following the new Camaro would be a re-release of the Firebird. So much for that.

WGPN – Guilty Pleasures

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Got the idea for this from Blackink (as usual). Most of these are prolly songs I ain’t go no business listenin to. Some are just songs I could be embarrassed to admit I like so much. But here they go: Alone Again (Naturally) – Gilbert O’Sullivan. One time this joint came on when I was [...]

Fightin’ Words

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I know it’s antithetical to his way, but that on the wrong day at the wrong time, I could be provoked to violence by somebody talkin greasy about Fred Rogers. I post that clip because last week, I was reminded of the need of people to think — no, know that there are people who [...]

Free Chicken!!

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I got mixed feelings about this KFC commercial. Yeah, the first person to appear is white (??), but colored folks dancin for chicken in 2009? Really? But the REAL problem is that that KFC grilled ain’t even that good! I could see it if they was buck-dancin for some Popeye’s or somethin. Popeye’s will have [...]

Favorite 15 – Outkast

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I have an East Coast bias. I admit it. When you ask me about my favorite groups and songs, chances are it’s gonna have originated in New York. However, when I sit down and think about it for a while, I can get past those ‘first thing that comes to mind’ answers and get into [...]


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It’s always interesting to me to compare critiques of hip-hop from those who listen to it as their primary musical staple to the critiques from people who listen to the occasional record. I don’t think the people who view hip-hop from a distance really appreciate the different perspectives and agendas that are at play with [...]

Why Clinton Portis Is The Man

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I don’t fool with the Redskins, but Clinton Portis is that dude.

WGPN – Most Played

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Inspired by a post by Esquire, this weeks playlist is simply gonna be my most-played songs (as of just now) since I first signed up for last.fm. It’s not a completely accurate count, since my non-ipod mp3 players don’t sync up the play count the way the ipod did, and I’m not always connected to [...]

In Other News, Fat Meat Is Greasy

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I’m clearly in the wrong game. It seems that a study has been done showing that some men prefer fat women. That means somebody actually wrote a grant and got money to study this. In other news, water is wet. For a certain subset of the male population — referred to in the scientific community [...]

End Of An Era

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John Madden is retiring. Watching football is not gonna be the same. I don’t know if I would say he was one of the greatest sportscasters ever, but much of what we see and have come to expect from football color announcers is because of Madden. We’re not even gonna get in to the small [...]

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