Randomness Random

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Battin leadoff as usual, the dude, Blackink got me wondering: Where in the world is Eunice Chantilly? He’s right that if there was one person in the world Clair Huxtable would’ve wound up cuttin before the show was over (besides Vanessa), it was Eunice Chantilly. ***** Resident historian, Bijan Bayne, drops science with a photo [...]

Who Got The Camera?

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I support police. One of my closest friends in life is a cop. But that don’t mean everything officers do is legitimate. What a lot of people don’t realize is that although police work is mostly about enforcing the law, it’s largely about customer service. That is, while your friendly neighborhood officer has a lot [...]

Livin By The Code

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Over in the comments at Booker, I saw somethin that kinda caught my attention. The discussion over there is about the code switching (or the lack thereof) of the Obama family, kinda centering on President Obama’s use of the phrase, “Nah, we straight” when he was at Ben’s Chili Bowl. While I’m kinda interested in [...]

Random Acts of You Tubery

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For real, though? Thunderbird had advertisements?

WGPN – Coolin Out

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This one’s for laying back in the cut. Soaring (At Dawn) – Les McCann You Are The Way You Are (Instrumental) – Marvin Gaye Lookin’ For Another Pure Love – Stevie Wonder Sensations – Sweetback Softly Softly – Sweetback A Song For You – Donny Hathaway You’ve Got It Bad Girl – Stevie Wonder Summer [...]

Blacked Out

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One of the great moments in Hood Cinema history…

Favorite 15 – Public Enemy

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I was ridin in the car, listening to one of the songs on this list when it all of a sudden dawned on me that I’d never really focused on any Public Enemy tracks, with the exception of Rebel Without A Pause – and that one specifically because of it’s singular place in my musical [...]

Go Temple

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Temple wins 2nd consecutive Atlantic 10 crown. Fight! Fight! Fight! For the Cherry and the White!

Randomness Random (Blackink Made Me Do It)

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About this time every year, I come up on a case that represents a tragic miscarriage of justice. It’s usually a case where some person has been convicted of a felony they did not commit. Unlike the A-Team, they have actually served jail time. In some cases, the actual perpetrator is known, in other cases [...]

Gettin Down

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Stevie Wonder Superstition liveUploaded by oliviafantasy Will we ever get down like this again? Ever?

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