Katherine and ‘Wayne

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Watch CBS Videos Online The snippets of Katie Couric’s interview with Li’l Wayne are quite interesting. I’m not sure what’s up with his teefis, but the fact that he calls her “Miss Katie” is almost endearing. One day, I’ll hafta figure out where Wayne fits in the modern-day pantheon. I wouldn’t classify him as being [...]

Hail, Northeast!

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Northeast Wins Public League Wrestling Title After years and years of being on the cusp, my high school has finally gotten over the hump and won the Public League championship. Now we’ll hafta see if they can beat the Catholic League champion and own PA District 12 outright. Congrats, Vikes.

Terrible, Not Turrble

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ESPN reflects on the Terrible Towel. Among the things that has the Stillers trying so hard to take me from the Iggles is the Terrible Towel. There is simply nothing like it in sports. It’s all in the article, but I’m tellin you what I know first-hand. Steelers fans? Terrible Towels. You go to the [...]

Muddy In The Middle

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(This is not a post about the politics of education, although politics plays a part. It’s not about how people’s poor habits hamper their educational aspirations, but that’s a part of it, too. This post is about the catch-22 many educators find themselves in as they try to serve the portion of the population that [...]

25 Things About Me

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The Facebook meme I liked so much I brought it to the blog (with some edits) 1. i think my preference for vinyl and mp3 is probably as accurate a metaphor for me as there could be. 2. i think my Meyers-Briggs type is ENTP but you could probably sub anything with -N-P, and it [...]


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Orange Moon – Erykah Badu Chameleon – Herbie Hancock Bread and Butter – Beanie Sigel, f. Grand Puba I’m Payin’ Taxes, What Am I Buyin’ – Fred Wesley & The J.B.’s Jungle Jazz – Kool & The Gang Funky Child – Lords of the Underground Checkmate – Akinyele Peace and Love – Movement V (beginning) [...]

Sellin Outta Bounds

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To get back to the whole idea of President Obama as the first of the political celebrities (well, he’s probably not the first, but I think that political celebrity is gonna take on a whole new level during his tenure in office), it doesn’t stop with him. Sasha and Malia dolls, though? For real? As [...]

Random Randomness

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So I went to the inauguration on Tuesday. It was cold. Not Chicago cold, but cold enough. Especially considering I was out there all day. It was a day made for long johns. Even though 27 ain’t 12, if you stay out in it long enough, you can get chilled to the bone in that [...]

Selling In?

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I went for Obama. Let’s get that out of the way first. Secondly, let’s establish that I am going downtown for the festivities. No question about it. But in the midst of all that, let me just say that I’m thoroughly dismayed by what’s going on. I mean, I understand why he wants an open [...]


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Sooo the Eagles came up short. Again. Again. Again. Again. These are the times that try a fan’s allegiance. Having liked them when they weren’t contenders, or when making the playoffs was a surprise, I can say with some confidence that it’s easier to like a team that you don’t have expectations for than it [...]

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