The Worst $10 of 2008

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Cobb mentions the best $6 he may have ever spent. This year was definitely the worst 10. Well, maybe not THE worst, but definitely the worst of this year that doesn’t involve me getting beat for a shoddy product. About 6 months have passed, so I guess I can tell the story. Earlier this year, [...]

Rocky III

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To recapitulate from 10-05: Just so you know, Rocky V never happened. It just didn’t, you hear me? It. Didn’t. Happen. I think Rocky IV happened, but I’m not sure. Maybe Apollo is dead, maybe he ain’t. But we KNOW that Rocky, under Apollo’s guidance, defeated Clubber Lang in his last fight as the heavyweight [...]

NFL Week 17

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The dream is alive. And after all that…after the boycotts and the benching and the untimely losses and attempts to sabotage their own season, the Eagles have made the playoffs again. Making it sweeter is that it was at the expense of the Cowboys. Man, I cannot tell you how much better that makes it. [...]

Wooow (c) Mos Def

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Jacked from Randy Haddock

Blurring The Line

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We all know that Rocky is my favorite movie franchise, for a whole bunch of reasons. But let’s throw out some what ifs and whatnot. Clubber Lang vs. Mike Tyson. That right there is a fight for the ages. No way it sees 15 rounds. Or 12. Might not even see six. Clubber Lang vs. [...]

Merry Christmas

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UPDATE I wasn’t planning on fooling with this thing today, but in addition to being Christmas Day, it’s also James Brown day. Because I’m not in a position to go to any of the JB commemorations in Philly, I’ma make one of my own. The songs I selected aren’t necessarily the most popular ones, but [...]

Christmas Wish

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Chances are, I’m bout to take a few days’ hiatus. I’ll leave you with this Mark Twain quote: “I am the entire human race compacted together. I have found that there is no ingredient of the race which I do not possess in either a small way or a large way.” This is why, even [...]


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Oh. And FYI, Black Thought was better at the age of 15 than most of these cats now. Holla at @15.

Favorite Hip-Hop Verses 18 – Beat Street Breakdown

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While The Message is probably the song for which Melle Mel is best known, I don’t think that’s anywhere near his best verse. In his second verse on Beat Street, Mel basically blacked out. If I had to point to one verse that I would say was nearly perfect in all categories, this would be [...]

NFL Week 16

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Man, I swear. The Steelers, I ain’t really so worried about that game. Ben was mostly awful. Should the two teams meet again in the playoffs, I’d expect a much better game from the Steelers. As I was telling a friend of mine, winning streaks can get to be very heavy after a few weeks. [...]

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