Some Distinction Is Necessary

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I don’t straight-out cosign nobody hardly, but one person who usually comes very close on the linguistic nuances of racial speech is Jeremy Pierce. In a recent post, he outlines his philosophy for giving people the benefit of the doubt when racism is possible but not clearly established. For the same reason that we don’t [...]


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Turn The Party Out – Alkaholiks Do It Right – El Riot Try A Little Tenderness – Otis Redding Without A Doubt – Black Sheep Highways of My Life – Isley Brothers Gospel Family – J.J. Johnson People Say – The Meters Whisperin’ – Oscar Peterson and Benny Carter The Sweetest Sounds – Bobby Timmons [...]

For Real?

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For real, though? Obama is actually the son of Malcolm X? That’s the new line? Annnd with that, I’m absolutely too through. Granted, this is probably the fringe of the fringe, but at this point, it’s too pitiful for me to even laugh. (jacked from TNC)

Ridin’ GOOD!

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Is it too much to hope that Philly might be the next Boston and that within 5 years, we’ll have championships in all the major sports? I say NO! It’s NOT too much. Last time the Phillies won, everybody made the finals of their respective sport – except the Flyers. Only THIS time…they gon’ finish [...]


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I’ve seen a lot of stuff that I’ve liked, but rarely have I seen anything that got the wheels to turning as much as TNC’s description of Obama as Magneto. Think on it. Here is a black man who is evidently securing the votes of white people who don’t like black people, who attracts massive [...]

View From The Bandwagon

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Y’all know I don’t really fool with baseball. I do, however, ride hard for Philly teams, including the Flyers. So if the Phillies win, we goin’ red til the end of November. That is all.

NFL Week 8

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Being in DC, I can’t see the Eagles game, but I’ll tell you what: the R*s are a lot of fun to watch. Between Clinton Portis, Santana Moss, and the the quickly-maturing Jason Campbell, the Redskins have a nice offense. I didn’t even mention the dude, Cooley. Cooley’s definitely one of the better tight ends [...]

Presidential Rant

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Yo. The longer this election drags on, the more faith I lose in the electorate. I mean, seriously. Less than two weeks before the general election and fools are pulling out AWWWWWLLLLLL the stops tryin to derail Obama. None of it having to do with policy, mind you. We got jokers fraudulently claiming to have [...]

Good Day Flowchart

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Shout out to Blackink for reminding me that I wanted to post this stuff… jacked from

Favorite Hip-Hop Verses 15

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MC Ren has long been one of my favorite emcees, and stays near the top of my All-Underrated list. He was good on most of the things I’ve heard, but he had one verse that just crushed everything I’d heard from him: his verse on CPO’s Ballad of a Menace. The funny thing about it [...]

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