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Black folks don’t play fantasy football? Not like talkin’ bout it, according to Stephen A. Smith. According to a study by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, approximately 93% of armchair general managers are white. “I don’t know why that is, and it’s something I hesitate to speculate about,” the FSTA’s manager, Justin Cleveland, told me. [...]

Still Scratchin My Head

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Rapping weathermen. What more can I say? ***** What’s really got me scratchin’ my head is the way some of this election stuff is goin down. Now, I like a good joke as much as the next guy, maybe more, but for an affiliate of a faith-based organization to even joke like he’s calling for [...]


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Beef and Broccoli – Immortal Technique Remind Me – Patrice Rushen Misunderstood – Common Mind’s Playin’ Tricks On Me – Geto Boys No Particular Place To Go – Chuck Berry No Head, No Backstage Pass – Funkadelic Under Cover of Darkness – Living Colour Party on 4th St – Black Nasty War Pigs – Black [...]

Random Notes (Yeah, ummm…)

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Chad Johnson…oops. My bad. Chad Ocho Cinco…nevermind. But if you’re gonna change your name to a number, wouldn’t it at least make sense to make it a grammatically correct number? But I guess that doesn’t matter so much. Sticking with football, I guess as far as things that boggle the mind go, Chad Johnson (cuz [...]


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I got a couple records I forgot to take out of the car and they got warped. Anybody know how I might be able to straighten them out? They’re both playable, but if I can get them straightened out before I convert them to mp3, it would be much better.

Live Blogging The Speech

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This is the first, and probably the last political event I’m gonna live blog. The only reason I’m doing it is the historical element. Even I, as much as I can’t stand politics, I can’t not-watch the acceptance speech of the first Black nominee for POTUS. Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Joe Biden? Not a [...]

The Great McKinley Morganfield

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This is by FAR my favorite version of Mannish Boy. (YEAH!) Muddy on here feelin the FIYAH! BTW, anybody know why he called his last album Hard Again? ($B, I’m lookin at you.) Hoochie Coochie Man

Got Me

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I don’t even fool with Tyler Perry like that, but this piece right here? I can’t even front. A pretty healthy chuckle snuck out.


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Ever wonder what you’d take out of your house in an emergency, provided you had enough time to grab stuff? Well, I know. It’s about 0:20 and my building’s been evacuated. I took my ipod and the laptop. Everything else can ride. Not that it’s a major structure fire. I smelled a little somethin and [...]

Historical Antecedent

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I don’t even rep political parties like that, but one of the things that drives me crazy about some Black Republicans is the apparent need to claim historical figures, as if that’s somehow significant now. The party of Lincoln. While it’s true that Lincoln was a Republican, I think the historical antecedent argument misses on [...]

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