No More Clowning

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So let me get this straight. The city government in Los Angeles has decided that the residents of South Los Angeles have too much of a propensity (or is it just a statistical likelihood) to be obese, so the city government has decreed a moratorium on new fast food businesses in that part of the [...]

Random Thoughts (Rock The Bells edition)

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I spent over 8 hours at a rap concert yesterday. Yeah, I was at Rock The Bells. The lineup was sometin fierce. Tribe, De La, Red & Meth, Rae & Ghost, Nas, Mos….there were a couple other groups, but that was about enough for me. I think I unconsciously listed the acts in the order [...]

Greatest Sitcom Characters

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So I’m browsing through the wapo online, and I see this link for the 30 greatest sitcom characters of all time. To the extent that a newspaper’s online edition can have a back page, that’s where it is, for now. The author, Gene Weingarten, actually made this list four years ago, and is allowing readers [...]

That Dude 2

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Chuck Wagon rides through North Philly for one busboy. HRISTIAN ABATE majored in education at Temple, but put his studies on hold for a few years while having financial hardship. He’s worked as a busboy for eight years at Saloon (750 S. 7th), where he struck up a friendship with one generous regular at the [...]

Temple Basketball

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Temple basketball is number 20 in ESPN’s ranking of most prestigious basketball programs since 1984-1985. Had we pulled off a couple Final Four appearances, we’d be even higher. I knew we had a well-known program, but I didn’t think it was quite as consistent as it is, especially over the last few years. But even [...]

The Big ‘O’

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Having spent a little time traveling over the past few weeks, including spending time in some very urban areas and some verrry suburban, borderline rural areas, I can safely say that all the talk about obesity is warranted. Now understand, based on what I saw, it’s not just Us, but it definitely is Us. So [...]

Wha’chu Gon’ Play Now?

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Blame It On The Boogie – The Jacksons Sooperman Luva II – Redman Golden Lady – Stevie Wonder City, Country, City – War What Is Slick – Pleasure The Wobble – Dyke and The Blazers Some Day – Mariah Carey Ain’t Gonna Bump No More (With No Big Fat Woman) – Joe Tex Standing On [...]

That Dude

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This is a story jokers should be talking about. If all goes to plan on the field this fall, Florida State safety Myron Rolle will produce the kind of season that catapults him into the first round of next spring’s NFL draft. If all goes to plan off the field, Rolle will be faced with [...]

…And A Bag of Chips

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Duane took it way, way back, bringing back the Homegirls potato chips, but makin it relevant, he points out the positive messages printed on the back of the package. MOTHERHOOD As we look to becoming mothers one day, we will produce good children with good manners and good minds. We are the first teachers. WE [...]

Brand Name

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While any potential big-name coming to a Philadelphia team is exciting to me, I’m really not sure that adding Elton Brand to the Sixers is gonna do a whole, whole lot. The Eastern Conference is becoming quite competitive, but the Sixers are probably on the back curve of that. Up front are, of course, Boston [...]

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