Mr. Carter

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I don’t know where I’d place Jay-Z in my pantheon of MCs, but I do know that all these kids tryina tell me that Lil Wayne is the best one doin it now just need to listen to Mr. Carter. There’s no comparison. At all. Hov CRUSHES Weezy. Not to mention that Wayne even admits [...]

Twenty Years Ago

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Back then, I swore Tyson was eventually going to be known as the greatest heavyweight champ of all time, going something like 60-0. Little did I know.

Won’t Work This Time

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There’s a little uproar in Philly over malt liquor advertisements. But in thinking about it, it has to be the style, because it can’t be the substance. Not with all the malt liquor ads I see when I go up there. So then it’s not that they’re advertising Colt 45, it’s that they’re advertising Colt [...]

The Godmother

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In addition to having a successful playoff record and winning the Super Bowl, one of the marks of coaching success in the NFL is having a “coaching tree,” or for a coach to have his assistants hired as head coaches around the League. In a post on Sports Illustrated, Don Banks shows the coaching tree [...]

Hitchhiker’s Guide Chapter 25

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As I mentioned last week, I’m hitting up the Hitchhiker’s Guide again. Of course it’s online, although I’m reading my yellow-paged compendium. At any rate, here’s a link to Chapter 25, which explains Deep Thought.

A Matter of Preference

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A question I’ve been forced to ask myself over the past few years is this: is Rakim overrated? My initial reaction to this question would be to shoot the half-closed eye Wu-Tang look. It’s a legit question, though. If you go lyric for lyric, line for line, is Rakim THAT much better than Kane or [...]

Wha’chu Gon’ Play Now?

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Disco To Go – Brides of Funkenstein Oops Upside Your Head – GAP Band Holy Calamity (Bear Witness II) – Handsome Boy Modeling School Jack The Ripper – LL Cool J Live At Union Square – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Miuzi Weighs A Ton – Public Enemy Buck Whylin’ – Terminator X [...]

What’s the Point?

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The Washington Post reports that 3 in 10 Americans admits to race bias. Is that supposed to be surprising? I mean, I guess the question that I’m asking is which part is supposed to be an attention grabber: that THIRTY PERCENT of Americans admit to being prejudiced, or is it that thirty percent of Americans [...]

Who Bit Whom?

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Listening to the Disco to Go by The Brides of Funkenstein, on the uncut version, the song starts out with this tremendously interesting horn lick. Totally different from the rest of the song – it almost sounds unrelated to the song, but it’s quite, quite funky. Later, I’m listening to Oops Upside Your Head by [...]

Random Notes

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Obama throwback jersey (?!) ***** I never commented on the R. Kelly fiasco because, quite frankly, I’ve been avoiding it. BUt suffice it to say that no matter what we want to believe, if the girl says it wasn’t her, and her people say it wasn’t her, then it’s just about impossible to get a [...]

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