Wha’chu Gon’ Play Now – Special Message

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Swanee – George Gershwin Ode To Billy Joe – Lou Donaldson Millenium – Outkast Everybody Is A Star – Sly & The Family Stone Brooklyn – Mos Def One Thing – Amerie Dreams – Earth Wind & Fire Yes To The Lord – The Stovall Sisters Short Change – Ohio Players Takeover – Jay-Z Ooh [...]

Busy Weekend

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First up, of course, is the Sean Bell trial. Police brutality – or suspected police brutality concerns me a lot. Even as somebody who has worked closely with policemen in the past, and as somebody whose longest friendship is with a police officer, I’m still always disconcerted by the death of a civilian at the [...]

Random Notes

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So I’ve been growin my beard in for about a month. The joint’s pretty thick. I really look like I’m from Philly now. But what’s funny is that people who see me on the street are starting to address me with, “As salaam alaikum.” I don’t correct em, but it’s funny. Is there some unwritten [...]

Tuesday Night Fights

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Just thinkin about it, Obama-Clinton is going down a lot like Calzhage-Hopkins, including the arguments each “fighter” is gonna make to the judges. Just like Hopkins had the more forceful punches, Hillary’s gonna claim that she’ll do better in the big states. On the other hand, Obama will have more wins – more rounds, with [...]

Wha’chu Gon’ Play Now

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Lovin’ It – Little Brother We Getz Busy – Illegal Bra – Cymande Get Me Back On Time Engine #9 – Wilson Pickett The Pleasure Principle – Janet Jackson Waterfalls – TLC Scratchin’ – Magic Disco Machine Person To Person – Average White Band Don’t Make Me Over – Sybil Butter – A Tribe Called [...]

Fight Night

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Something told me Hopkins wasn’t gonna get it done last night. That knockdown in the first round almost made me change my mind, but in the end, the fight went about like I expected it to. Now understand, last night I went against two of my most important sports picking rules: I picked against somebody [...]

Wha’chu Think

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Tagging Cobb back, I see a line that reminds me of an interview I did of my mother back when I was in undergrad. It’s a standard black cliche where I come from: “We didn’t realize how poor we were.” We didn’t feel poor, we didn’t act poor, although we probably should have after a [...]

Well He DID Say He Listens To Hov

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Whether I vote or not, I’ma tell you the truth: the 2008 election is WAY more interesting than 2004.

Just My Luck?

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My man, Chuck’s good for pushing my buttons and makin me write hard. So when he writes, I think what a lot of Conservatives unfairly, ignorantly dismiss is the idea that people rarely do things in a vacuum. There IS often enough a lot of luck in who you are born to, where you’re raised [...]

Favorite Hip-Hop Verses (X+9)

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According to some of my kids, Weezy is the best rapper out right now. I’ll concede that he has some pretty decent lyrics, but he raps like he’s constipated. Not constipated with rhymes, just constipated. That’s a minor drawback for me. Comparing him, then, to Ice Cube, well, there is no comparison. Cube had the [...]

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