The Last Acceptable Prejudice?

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I admit that I’m not the most sensitive cat when it comes to weight issues, but I had not idea that size prejudice was as prevalent as it is. According to a Yale University study, it’s about as common as racial prejudice. But then, that comparison makes me nervous; if it’s being compared to race, [...]

Wha’chu Gon’ Play Now, b/w Playlist Hijinx

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Lookin’ For Another Pure Love – Stevie Wonder Lovin’ It – Little Brother On Love – David T. Walker Know That – Mos Def, f. Talib Kweli Clever Girl – Tower of Power The Message – Brass Construction Finger Popped Myself Into the Poor House – Joe Tex Funky Song – Ripple If You Want [...]

Do A Brother A Solid

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From my man, DJ $ Bill: Hoping you can do me a solid and make mention somewhere about “Record Store Day”. It is a North American event coming up on April 19th. Also as a tie in,one of the National goverment owned radio stations up here is running a contest for “Best Indie Record [...]

You Tubery

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Bill Cosby was almost a jazz drummer. Almost. ***** The most classic commercial series of all time: Terry Tate: Office Linebacker ***** My favorite new commercial. *****

Willy-Nilly Around The Internet

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Women, Want a Healthy Marriage? Marry Man Uglier Than You, Study Says I might still got a shot. ***** Enjoy Your Time Protesting. That’s gotta take some steam off the protest. ***** Ever wondered how all that pesky “once-removed” business goes? Well wonder no more. Jacked from ***** A self-professed “Oreo” comes clean. It’s [...]

Stereo Is Rockin’ On Your Radio

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In addition to writing lesson plans today, I’m gonna be back on the Blogger’s Roundtable segment of News & Notes. This time I’m on with Carmen Dixon of All About Race and Jozen Dixon of King Magazine.


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I’m pretty much as postmodern as anybody out there. I took some Womens Studies courses. I know gender is, to some extent, as much a social construct as race…to some extent… But when you tell me a transgender man (went from woman to man) is pregnant? Young. I lose all sense of reason and my [...]

Favorite Hip-Hop Verse (X+7)

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Seven. Surprised I made it this long without mentioning this artist or this song, let alone this verse. But it’s fitting for the 7th run, since the number seven is oh-so-prominent in this verse. Sevens abound, but this was the first verse that I remember really knocking me out. I mean, I had heard other [...]

Just A Question

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I’m always ambivalent when read opinions on the “prison industrial complex.” On the one hand, given the grossly disproportionate numbers of Black folks in jail, it looks like something has to be wrong at one or more points in the system. How can such a small percentage of the population have such a large presence [...]

What It Is

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Tower of Power once said that hipness is what it is – but sometimes it is what it ain’t. Substitute ‘blackness’ for ‘hipness’ (and there’s a certain extent to which I think that was kinda the unstated point in the first place), and you got somethin. I ain’t gon’ lie, I’m always kinda surprised when [...]

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