Tubing Back In The Day

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Not that I ever fooled with it too much, but this commercial was inarguably the truth… One of my favorite songs by another of my favorite emcees… This last verse? I usedta swear it was about me.

Random Notes – Are You Serious?!

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So you’re tellin me that of the top 10 couples in TV history (as defined by AOL Television), only one is Black? Wait. Of the whole top 20, only one couple is Black? There are as many cartoon couples as there are Black couples? Mmph. ***** Obama vs. Clinton ain’t no joke. I’m not just [...]

What You See Is What You See

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I guess some things never cease to amaze me. Take, for instance, the fact that certain forms of racism seem to be so pervasive. Intellectually, I already know it, but when I see specific instances, it can be nearly mind-boggling. Last weekend, I saw this report on the 20/20 website where they had two groups [...]

Favorite Hip-Hop Verses (X+4)

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One of these days, I’m gonna do an all-time posse cut post, with each participant listed based on his optimum position. When I do, there’s no question who’s gonna be first. It’s gonna be Inspectah Deck. I don’t think there’s ever been a better lead-off than Deck, unless you count Rickey Henderson. And that’s a [...]

Wha’chu Gon’ Play Now?

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Cleveland Now – Booker T & The MG’s The Ultimate (remix) – Artifacts Verbal Intercourse – Raekwon, f. Ghostface & Nas September Song – Scatman Crothers Fear – Sade She’s Here – Les McCann Barefoot Sunday Blues – Ramsey Lewis The Louisville Lip – Eddie Curtis It’s Impossible – New Birth Put It On The [...]

Where’s The Beef?

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Not in Philadelphia public schools. Students at area schools may soon be wondering where their burgers, meatloaf and meatballs have gone. Those staples of school lunch programs everywhere have been yanked from the menu. An alert went out yesterday to 196 school districts from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture advising them to remove most beef [...]

Favorite Hip-Hop Verses (X+3)

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As I said some time ago, my two favorite emcees are Redman and Posdnuos. I ran a Redman verse not too long ago, so it’s time to rep for Pos. Only thing is, it’s so hard to pick just one. Plug 1 is to me what 2Pac is to a thug. If I made records, [...]

Superman is in the Building

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It’s more about the costume than the dunk, although the fact that he practically seems to go horizontal for a moment doesn’t hurt. The question is whether Howard can gorilla dunk like this man right here. I’m not askin whether Howard is a player, I’m just wonderin if he can do this:


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Sometimes I find myself surprised by the types of things my kids don’t know, but that’s nothing compared with the kinda stuff adults don’t know. Witness this example from an article in the New York Times on The Age of American Unreason by Susan Jacoby: (she overheard this conversation on 9-11-01) ‚ÄúThis is just like [...]

Yup, I Like It.

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I love Erykah Badu and I love album covers, so needless to say, I am positively thrilled with her new video.

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