Favorite Hip-Hop Verses, pt. (X+1)

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Mos Def’s verse in Two Words is one of the best examples of lyrical control I know. Period. Two words, United States, no love, no breaks Low brow, high stakes, crack smoke, black folks Big Macs, fat folks, ecstasy capsules Presidential scandals, everybody MOVE Two words, Mos Def, K West, hot shit Calm down, get [...]

You Got Me Curious, ‘Rak.

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As a general rule, I don’t fool with Politics because I think it’s a sham. While I recognize the importance of large structural bodies organized with the intention of some action, the political process, at least as I’ve come to know it in my adult life, is little more than a popularity contest. Ideas matter, [...]

Wha’chu Gon’ Play Now

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Holy smokes! The whole month of January is almost gone, and I haven’t even done a playlist. What’s really good? Crown Royal – Jill Scott The Reds – The Ohio Players Wu Tang: 7th Chamber (Pt. 2) – The Wu-Tang Clan Bluesette – Ray Charles I Got Cha Opin (Album Version) – Black Moon My [...]

Coach Jones

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One of the externalities of coaching is that my dozens game has gone back to being absolutely insane. Because I’ve spent most of my time working with adults, I had fallen off a little bit. Coaching is a little more informal than the classroom, though, so at first, certain things used to slip out. Like [...]

What Would Sergeant Waters Do?

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In watching the movie, A Soldier’s Story (for the 25th time), I’m once again struck by Sergeant Waters. While his treatment of C.J. Memphis was certainly despicable, there’s a part of me that understands where he was coming from. Being that I self-identify as the “chitlins, collard greens, cornbread style,” I obviously don’t agree with [...]

Big Roger Tells It Like It Is

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I don’t think I mentioned the Mayweather-Hatton destruction last month, but I did watch it. I actually watched both of Pretty Boy Floyd’s fights last year. The first one wasn’t so impressive, but I couldn’t even front on him last month. He was good. And he won me some money. I had bet on a [...]

Billy Jams, Pt. 1

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We all knew about Billy Preston and the B3, but I ain’t know he could get down like this!

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