Good To Me

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I don’t know about other people, but I sometimes take things for granted. In the case of music, I think I’ve taken Aretha’s singing for granted. I mean, I always knew she was the Queen of Soul and all that, but knowing that doesn’t really speak to the pure quality of her singing. I mean, [...]

Halloween Warning

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With October 31st coming up, I think I should warn people: don’t go around randomly tryin’a scare brothers on the humbug. It can go WAY wrong. Exhibit 1: Exhibit 2

I Would’ve Missed This One Too

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A rake???

Blue Lights, Huh?

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From Science Daily February 1, 2006 — Teenagers’ morning drowsiness is often caused by out-of-tune body clocks, in a condition known as “delayed sleep phase syndrome.” Scientists now say that timing exposure to blue light — avoiding it during the first two hours of being wake, then getting a good dose of it — can [...]

Wha’chu Gon’ Play Now

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Oh Calcutta – The Meters One Thing – Amerie Somebody’s On Your Case – Anne Peebles Evidence – Candi Stanton Singing A Song For My Mother – Hamilton Bohannon Wild Onions – The Beatles More Than A Woman – Aaliyah Think Twice – Donald Byrd Human – David Porter Stop, Look, Listen – MC Lyte [...]

Random Notes

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Fight FIght FIGHT For the cherry and the white! Temple has won 3 football games in a row. They’re actually mathematically in competition for the lead in their conference. What school is this? Fly on, baby. Fly on. ***** As the saying goes, pimpin’ ain’t easy, but how hard is hoein’? Apparently it’s harder than [...]

It Is What It Is

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Ambivalent is one of my kids’ vocabulary words this week. It’s apropos to my feelings on some of what I’ve been reading. The item in question: via both The War On Folly and Dr. Spence, I’ve seen this website, Racism Review. Now on the one hand, I generally take a fairly dim view of itemizing [...]

Just a question

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Ummm….with their perpetually weak wide receiver corps, why didn’t the Eagles go after Chris Chambers?

Hindsight Is 20/20

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Thanks to the magic of the internet, we’re really able to see things in sharp relief. We know that fashion is cyclical. so what’s cool (or hot) at one time, is corny a few years later, and then back in effect a decade or so after that. Fortunately, some things left and never came back [...]

Ohio Players Top 20

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If you check my stats, you can see I’ve been on a big Ohio Players kick lately. Of course I’ve been listening to stuff from the Mercury years, but it’s the Westbound albums that are really gettin it done for me. Pleasure, Pain, and Ecstacy…that’s that sho’ NUFF FONK. Those are the types of [...]

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