Character Reference

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Charles Barkley swears he’s not a role model, but he thinks Barak Obama would make a good one. From an article in the Philadelphia Daily News, we get this goodie: Sir Charles is prepared to lay his sword on Sen. Obama’s shoulder in part because of Obama’s pigmentation. But the thinking goes deeper than “I’m [...]

Racing Nowhere

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In a way, watching (listening to) people dissect people discuss race is painful to watch, but there is a certain familiarity to the dance. First there’s the event, whatever it is. Maybe somebody says somethin, maybe somebody does somethin, whatever. There’s an event. Then there’s the media coverage (or lack thereof). Then comes the question, [...]

Wha’chu Gon’ Play Now

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Black Cat – The Ohio Players (Check out the horn break that comes from The 10 Commandments.) Alphabet Soup – Masta Ace Anything Can Happen – Souls Of Mischief Little Old Money Maker – The Meters Stir of Echoes – J-Live A Little Bit More Conviction – Carman Electric Avenue – Eddy Grant Peepin’ – [...]

NFL Week 3

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Now this is more like it. I knew Donovan was due for a breakout game, but this was outta control. Now it’s easy to temper my enthusiasm because it was against the Lions, but still. They were 2-0 coming into the game, so it’s not exactly like they were pushovers. Not the offense, at least. [...]

Willy-Nilly Around The Internet

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Not to be morbid, but we’re gonna start with a list of b-and c- level Black celebrities who have died with little media recognition. In some of these cases, I was flat-out surprised. Here’s me wondering why I haven’t heard from them, assuming that they’ve decided to stay out of the limelight. More than I [...]


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So Donovan told it like it is, and people who don’t wanna be self-reflective can’t hear him. What else is new? Here’s what I know: being an NFL fan in general, but an Eagles fan above all, particularly with the Eagles being my home team, I know what the deal is in Philly. It’s a [...]

Wha’chu Gon’ Play Now

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I Am Music – Common Manteca – Dizzy Gillespie Not Available – Shuggie Otis I Love Music – Ahmad Jamal Stratus – Billy Cobham Trying People – De La Soul I Can Hear You Calling – Three Dog Night So What – Miles Davis Swahililand – Ahmad Jamal Get Out Of My Life Woman – [...]

A Football Analogy

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In light of the extremely inauspicious manner in which the Eagles are starting the 2007 season and the discussion on anthropomorphic global warming (AGW), I figured I’d try to sew them together in a way that makes some sense. It is established fact that home teams in the NFL tend to win more. About 58% [...]

Truth My Teacher Told Me

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One of the things I remember most clearly about my freshman year in high school was that my biology teacher, Mr. Richardson, warned us about the dangers of popular science. Not Popular Science the magazine, but popular science, as in scientific findings that are reported to news organizations for dissemination to the general public. He [...]

Circle Jerked

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I ain’t all Super Nationalist or whatever, but I guess I came up being inculcated into the “spend money in the Community whenever you can” mindset, so I do that. So as a couple of you know, I’m buying textbooks for my class, so instead of going with one of the major chain stores, I [...]

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