Barbershop Plans ?

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I’m thinkin’ it’s all about The Perfecto.

Where’s Jesse and Al When You Need ‘Em?

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We got a live one, folks. A 14 year-old girl in Paris, Texas was sentenced to 7 years in prison for pushing a hall monitor. In and of itself, that’s severe – draconian, even, but not necessarly indicative of something foul. Howeer, the fact that she had no prior offenses raises the stink level a [...]

Show ‘Em How It’s Really Done

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I’ve outlined my thoughts on the confederate flag before, so this is nothing new. Nothing new for me, at least. I just found out about a museum display that pretty much visually represents my whole perspective on the situation. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – When artist John Sims sees the Confederate flag, he sees “visual terrorism,” and [...]

Wha’chu Gon’ Play Now?

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Rocky Raccoon – The Beatles Liberation – Outkast Soda and Soap – Masta Ace Jamming – Bob Marley The Choice – Andrae Crouch Can’t Let Her Get Away – Michael Jackson Fire On The Bayou – The Meters Buffalo Stance – Neneh Cherry I’m A Hog For You Baby – The Coasters I Know You [...]


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I goofed up on this tool for firefox and now I think I might be in some trouble. Stumbleupon is gonna kill what little productivity I had. There’s a whole lotta “real estate” on the web and I know I drive the same two or three streets every day. I stop by my crib(s) and [...]

Black Graduation Rates

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I’m looking at DarkStar’s link to an article in the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education which tells the fairly sad story of Black graduation rates at very selective universities, state flagship universities, and HBCUs. Across the board, the rate is 43 percent. That’s a rough number to look at. Of course, a number means [...]

Wha’chu Gon’ Play Now? – Girl, You Fine As…

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Okay. This week’s list is about a woman. She’s fine. Fine, I tell you. But these ain’t necessarily love songs. What they are are songs that I think are as fine as she is, in their own respective ways. Niggas Bleed – The Notorious B.I.G. Beat Street – Melle Mel Celebrate – Earth, Wind, & [...]

Random Notes

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Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of Biggie’s death. I’m still not sure I understand why radio stations and whatnot commemorate his death date more than his birthdate, but it is what it is. Some people I know swear that Biggie was the best MC of all time, but there’s no way I’ll go for that. [...]

Summer Plans b/w Challenge?

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Steve Wood beat me to it, but I’ve long been thinking about going homeless for a few days in the summer. Not literally being homeless, you understand, but putting away all my electronic niceties (some might say lifelines) for about a week (probably just Monday – Friday) and roughing it. The past few summers, I’ve [...]

Wha’chu Gon’ Play Now – I Love To Tell The Story

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No Particular Place To Go – Chuck Berry Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos – Public Enemy Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag Getting Crushed By Buildings – LL Cool J Piano Man – Billy Joel Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa – De La Soul A Bird In The Hand – Ice Cube [...]

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