Oh NO!!

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Bob Barker is retiring! Does this mean The Price Is Right is going down with him?  I kinda hope so.  Who else can do TPIR right, except Bob?  Unless… Naw, I like my school and wanna keep teaching.  But if I get a call…


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One of the things I find myself having to be very conscious of in my day-to-day dealings with my students is doing everything I can not to, as a great man once said (or a once-great man said, depending on your perspective), “Keep. Hope. Alive.”  It’s really strange when it gets down to the time [...]


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Every time I see The Roots in concert, I’m well rewarded. This time, it was at Temple’s Homecoming. (I didn’t go to the game, but we won. How about THAT! You know my motto…if you’re only gonna win one game a year, might as well make it homecoming. Well…that’s not really my motto, but it [...]

Wha’chu Gon’ Play Now? – Wonderful

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So this week, it’s all about my favorite Stevie jams. Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You) Love Having You Around I Was Made To Love Her Sweet Little Girl Golden Lady Maybe Your Baby Smile Please Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away Ribbon In The Sky Summer Soft Joy Inside My Tears [...]

The Eagles

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If I was nervous about the Eagles before, I’m flat-out worried now.  The mark of a good team is that it wins the close games, which so far, the Eagles have been unable to do.  Surprisingly, the problem is not that the offense can’t score points, it’s that the defense can’t hold a lead.  In [...]

Wha’chu Gon’ Play Now?

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Kashmir – Led Zeppelin Heartbeat – Tanaa Gardner All God’s Chillun Got Rhythm – Bud Powell What A Fool Believes – Michael McDonald Blessed Blackness – The J.B.’s Lookin’ For Another Pure Love – Stevie Wonder I’m Payin’ Taxes, What Am I Buyin’ – Fred Wesley & the JB’s Timebomb – Public Enemy Clean Slate [...]

New Orleans

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As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I went to New Orleans to watch the Saints. Sort of. That was my original intent, but when it came down to it, I picked NOLA over San Diego partially because I wanted to see the United States Saints, and partially because I had never been to New [...]


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Before I get on to anything more serious, there’s the obligatory post Terrell Owens-at-the Linc post.  I did watch the game, mostly from Bourbon Street.  From a football fan’s perspective, it was a good game, although somewhat sloppy.  Personally, I think the “sloppiness” had more to do with two good, ball-hawking defenses going at each [...]

Football Travelin’ 2

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So it’s gonna be New Orleans.  Hopefully, I’ll be flying down on Saturday morning and then coming back either Sunday night or Monday morning.  I’m calling it football traveling because I’ll probably be wearing Saints gear while I’m down there, and I MIGHT watch the game for a little while, but I’m planning on going [...]


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One of the down sides of teaching high school is that the students have the opportunity to drop out.  It’s bad enough to look at rates and see things as a mathematical abstractity, but it’s much, much worse when a dropout is not a statistic, but a real person.  Someone who has hopes and dreams [...]

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