Excuse Me While I Whip This Out

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Three movies are dominating my thoughts today, The Day After Tomorrow, Soul Plane, and Blazing Saddles. Blazing Saddles is what I’m watching right now, so if any dialogue slips in there, that’s why. I saw Day After Tomorrow(DAT)yesterday. Last week, I saw a lot of commentary condemning DAT as basically a liberal polemic to get [...]

Line Of the Day

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I bust a rhyme to dust frustrated rappers Thus crush competition, lights out like the clapper. – Pharoahe Monch What!


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Reading this article on school vouchers, “Vouchers: The Right’s Final Answer to Brown” I admit that sometimes it’s very easy to see issues through a partisan lens. Sometimes, I read stuff and I’m think of what the Wino told the Junkie in Richard Pryor’s piece, “Better lay off that narcotic nigga, that shit done made [...]

Bringing Back Memories

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Here’s a story about one of my grade school teachers. She tried to get me to sing in the Christmas play in 5th grade. I knew better.

The Genius of the Cos and Other Comedians

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Seems like everybody and zer cousin has written somethin about Bill Cosby’s statements at the NAACP dinner last week. I’m not above adding my voice to the rest, but I want to see if I can get a complete transcript first. At any rate, here you can read LaShawn,Ambra, Cobb, and Clarence Page. For now, [...]

Best Fried Chicken

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I honor of the release of Soul Plane this week, I’m making a list of the top 5 fried chicken joints. 1. Pathmark (a grocery chain in the states surrounding New Jersey. If you’re ever passing through, stop and get a 12 pack. But only go to the stores in the ‘hood.) 2. Popeyes 3. [...]

My Take On the Media

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Seems that more and more people are giving up on the mainstream media as a source of information. I made that decision a long time ago, but for different reasons…sort of. Although it’s fairly obvious that the media has a liberal slant, I can’t say that I think it’s deliberate. Well, maybe it’s deliberate, but [...]

I’m A Sucker For

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• Funky records • Hagler v. Hearns (one January I was in the 5th of a 6 mile run, when an electronics store had its display television playing this fight in the window. I stood there and watched the whle thing and caught a cold that lasted 5 weeks.) • Redbones (for the uninitiated, that’s [...]

Random Notes From Illadelph, pt. 2

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Note: I wrote all this on the 20th. I don’t feel like post-dating it, though. I don’t willingly drop 20 dollars on a CD, but in the case of Betty Davis’ They Say I’m Strange, I had to do it. The first song, Shoo-B-Doop And Cop Him is the source of the sample in Ice [...]

Random Notes

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I’m visiting my mom for a couple days. She has dial-up (got me back in 1997) and was waiting for a phone call, so no posting for me yesterday. Normally, it wouldn’t make a difference, but yesterday was Malcom X’s birthday. I’m usually surprised at how little attention it gets, even in Black circles, given [...]

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