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The Eagles

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I kept telling myself I wasn’t going to say anything about this, but I can’t help it. Free agency is coming up and if Andy Reid doesn’t get Donovan some help at WR, I’m defecting to the Colts or something. Not that it makes any difference, but I swear…I can’t take it any more. I [...]

Downside to Being My Age

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Right now I’m listening to the James Brown album, “Say It Live And Loud: Live In Dallas, 1968.” It was his first live recording after Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated. At any rate, listening to this makes me wish I could have seen him live back in the 60′s and early 70′s when he [...]

Black Conservatives

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I do a lot of reading by and about Black conservatives. I’m definitlely closer to being a conservative than I am a liberal, or a progressive, as they prefer to be called. Nevertheless, when I read Black conservatives, I sometimes wonder why they never have anything good to say about Black folks. It seems that [...]

Anti-Intellectualism Pt 1

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The January 29th Terrordome, Chuck D’s montly column on Publicenemy.com, contains a scathing indictment of what conservative writer, John McWhorter, in his book, Losing The Race: Self Sabotage in Black America, would call anti-intellectualism. What’s most interesting to me is that you have two men from widely differing political perspectives attacking the same problem. While [...]

All-Time Top 10(?) Hip-Hop Albums

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Let me preface this with the following: I’m not about pop records. I’m from the era when it was okay if a record sold, but that wasn’t the point. There weren’t a whole lot of slick videos with half-naked girls to seduce the consumer into buying a wack record. An album had to be cohesive. [...]


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I’m doing some research on obesity and diet. The easy culprit seems to be fast food places like McDonalds (especially McDonalds) but the research indicates that it’s not necessarily so. According to this paper the increase in caloric intake is due more to snacking than increases in meal time. This is interesting. I know this [...]

Day 2

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I suppose I’ll get it right out front that I’m unsettled on the title of this blog and therefore it’s subject to change. One consistent thing is that it will come out of a line from a hip-hop song, probably by Public Enemy. The first one, “…I got soul to voice my opinion with volume” [...]

Here we go…

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First day out. My original plan was to talk about what I think funk is by dissecting “Let A Man Come In and Do the Popcorn, Pts 1 & 2″ by James Brown. I’ll save that for some other time. What I will do is list what I’m reading and listening to right now. Reading: [...]

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