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Same != Equal

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One of the things I think people need to be very careful about is pointing out the difference between being racist and acknowledging that there are certain differences between racial groups (which may or not apply to a given individual within that group.) These days, the popular mode of thought is that because we are [...]

Top 10 Lakers

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Because they’re in the Finals again, and because they’re the first basketball team I ever really even cared about (but I never loved them like I loved the Knicks), here are my top 10 LA Lakers, in some semblance of an order. 1. Magic 2. West 3. Kareem 4. Shaq 5. Kobe 6. Worthy 7. [...]

What More Can I Say?

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Apparently, Crunchberry Crunch does not contain actual berries! Forgive my skepticism for never having thought so in the first place, but a California woman found out for sure, and because she wanted to protect us all, tried to sue the manufacturer to get them to stop fooling us. She, apparently, had been fooled for four [...]

I Met The Browns

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Last night, I did something atypical: I watched television. I probably watched more TV last night than I had all year, not counting sporting events. There wasn’t anything that I particularly wanted to see, but when I saw that they were running a marathon of the Tyler Perry shows, I wanted to take a look, [...]

Are You Serious?

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Apparently, in DC, you can get a ticket for parking in your own driveway. Not car-obstructin-the-sidewalk in your driveway, but in-the-front-of-the-house in your driveway. Why? Let’s check the ordinance: “Any area between the property line and the building restriction line shall be considered as private property set aside and treated as public space under the [...]

Zora Neale Hurston Quote

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I do not share the gloomy thought that Negroes in America are doomed to be stomped out bodaciously, nor even shackled to the bottom of things. Of course some of them will be tromped out, and some will always be at the bottom, keeping company with other bottom-folks. It would be against all nature for [...]

Really, Really Random Randomness

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So I’m over my homeboy’s crib, leafin through a Newsweek at the end of the Lakers-Denver blowout, and I see they have an article on Sesame Street. First page is the big three: Ernie, Bert, and Big Bird. Second page is Oscar, The Count, and Elmo. Then it just kinda hit me that Elmo is [...]

Don’t Blame It On the Sunshine…

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Yet another off-her-rocker white lady has claimed that a Black man (or in this case, two) physically accosted her. This time, she gave a little more detail, saying that they were driving a Cadillac. No word on whether they were eating fried chicken and drinking kool-aid. THE FIRST BULLETIN Tuesday that a Bucks County woman [...]

OPP – Oh Please, Put It Away

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Travis Henry has been bumped down the ranks a little bit. Make way for the new king. By some distance. Try this out: 29 years old. 21 kids. 2X w/ four kids in the same year. Oh. And he makes minimum wage. For Hip Hop News & Entertainment at DimeWars.Com As my dude, Blackink would [...]

Gurgle Gurgle

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I haven’t gotten into the whole waterboarding-torture discussion, because I’m deliberately staying away from the partisan politics of it. But suffice it to say that, having almost drowned on several occasions, that sensation ain’t nothin nice. Understanding that, I give the side-eye to anybody who’s all talkin bout ‘it ain’t torture’ all cavalierly. Now, Ta-Nehisi [...]

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