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I shall return. And that, soon.


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Mike Vick’s going to the Eagles. When I went to training camp a couple weeks ago, there was absolutely no way — NO WAY I would’ve guessed this. Not a one. What this means as far as Donovan, where Vick will play, and how he’ll fit in, I don’t know. But the intrigue factor is [...]

Dunk You Very Much

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Sports Illustrated has a list of some all-time great dunks. Most of the ones from college or pro ball, I’ve already seen, and I don’t know if anything quite bad enough to supplant my number-one WPOAT (Worst Posterization of All Time), but there are some that are quite impressive. I knew Clyde had hops, but [...]

Tick-Tock, Game’s Locked

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In certain discussions of sports all-time greats, the top positions are already taken, and it’s just a matter of arranging everybody else. So when you talk about centers, you have: Wilt Russell Kareem People may order them differently, but that’s pretty much gonna be the overwhelming majority of people’s top 3. Similarly, with running backs, [...]

We’re Doin’ Business Here

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Life’s been kinda lifey — but in a good way. At any rate, I’me perusing youtube, and I see a set of commercials that would absolutely make me by the product if I was in that market. The first one is a classic: Second one’s good too: But this one right here? This takes the [...]

Transform The Discussion?

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Two characters in the new Transformers movie, Skids and Mudflap, are getting a lot more attention than the film’s creators probably anticipated. Given their use of slang, their shuckin’ and jivin’ personae, and the fact that they are unremorsefully (unashamedly?) illiterate, particularly vis a vis the behavior of the other Autobots, some people question whether [...]


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The Sixers are going back to their classic logo. Now let’s see if they can go somewhere in the playoffs.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

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I’ma try, try, try to do this without spoiling the movie, but we’ll see what happens. Overall, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was okay. Not great, not totally wack, it was okay. Was it worth gettin up and going to the 12:01 show for? Probably not. But y’all couple of people lookin at this probably [...]

Push Away From the Table, Mabel – Joe Tex

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One statistical projection says that by 2034, 100% of Black women will be overweight, as defined by the BMI. When it comes to people, it’s usually the case that all of anything is nothing, so it’s not gonna be true that literally every Black woman will be overweight, but statistically all. And I know the [...]

Missed Opportunity?

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Flippin through the channels while my daughter was here, I saw a commercial for a TV show a friend of mine was complaining about. Make Me A Supermodel She’s Got The Look is about over-35 women who think they have what it takes to model. Per my friend’s observation, the contestants on the show had [...]

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