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The Mothership Is Here

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The Mothership is in Prince George’s County. Probably within walking distance from were I live. But I’m not gonna find it, though. Not even gonna try. Reputed funk scholar, Thomas Stanley supposedly knows where it is, but won’t tell. He says, “It is very important, I think, that we not seek truth at expense of [...]

Think That Movie’s New

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I bet it’s in here.

My confederate History Month Salute

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Really? confederate History Month? Seriously? Followed by a second-day mention of slavery? Say word. Well, just to show that I’m really back doing this blogging thing again, and to prove that I’m ready for any eventuality, I’m celebratin’ too. I’ve heard jokers who claim confederate allegiance/alliance talk some talk about reasonable people being able to [...]

Favorite Hip-Hop Verses 19: Common – Respiration

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Yo…on The Amen, Corner I stood lookin at my former hood Felt the spirit in the wind, knew my friend was gone for good Threw dirt on the casket, the hurt, I couldn’t mask it Mixin down emotions, struggle I hadn’t mastered I choreograph seven steps to heaven And hell, waiting to exhale and make [...]

Whachu Gon Play Now?

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Summer Soft – Stevie Wonder Spasmodic Movements – Earth, Wind, and Fire Superman Lover – Johnny “Guitar” Watson Sign O’ The Times – Prince Shut the Eff Up (Hoe)! – MC Lyte Slow Down – Brand Nubian Solid – Mandrill Soon As I Get Home – Faith Evans Slam Pit – Beatnuts, f. Common Sometimes [...]

McNabb to Redskins ?!

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I don’t even know how to approach this. My original intent was to add whatever team Donovan got traded to into the rooting matrix. But with Donovan being traded within the division, I just don’t know what to do. Am I supposed to start rooting for the Redskins? Ugh. And I’m not particularly thrilled with [...]

Real America?

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I spent a little time driving through “fly-over” country last week. Made more than a few passes down IL Route 59, between Joliet and Aurora. I almost didn’t recognize it. Back when I lived there in the early 90′s and before, most of that was farmland. Once you got past Plainfield and the glass factory, [...]

The Black List

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I’m watching Lee Daniels on HBO’s The Black List 3, and I’m struck by one thing he said: “There’s an African American President, there’s Oprah, and then there’s…Us. I tell stories about Us.” See, this is my major beef with a whole lotta the Black folks who don’t necessarily speak for us, but will sometimes [...]

Oh, Really?

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I don’t particularly fool with Slim and Baby’s musical progeny (with the exception of Weezy just a little bit, and the unfortunately catchy “I’m Still Fly”), but I cannot be mad at this: Cash Money Records co-founders, Birdman and Ronald “Slim” Williams are trying their hands in another business venture outside the music world. They’re [...]

Jesus Is Black

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– and his name is Brett Favre. Look at the video proof:

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