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New League Order?

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With a couple days’ perspective, I can look at the McNabb trade more rationally. It’s hard, because McNabb was probably my favorite player in the League. Probably second behind Dawkins, but they were neck-and-neck, at worst. Deep in my heart of hearts, I wanted him to win a chip with the Eagles. That dream is [...]


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Don’t look now, but Temple Football might be messin around and aimin towards the better side of mediocrity. 4-2 overall, and 3-0 in the MAC.

We Talkin Bout Practice.

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For it to be the semi-embarrassing moment that it was, Allen Iverson’s “Practice? We talkin bout practice?!” press conference is one of my favorite times with him as a Sixer. I remember listening to it live as I drove up Haverford Avenue. And now it has a remix, along with some other classic moments from [...]

Why Clinton Portis Is The Man

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I don’t fool with the Redskins, but Clinton Portis is that dude.

NFL Schedules

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EAGLES 1 Sun. Sep. 13 at Panthers 1:00 PM 2 Sun. Sep. 20 vs. Saints 1:00 PM 3 Sun. Sep. 27 vs. Chiefs 1:00 PM 4 Sun. Oct. 04 BYE 5 Sun. Oct. 11 vs. Buccaneers 1:00 PM 6 Sun. Oct. 18 at Raiders 4:05 PM 7 Mon. Oct. 26 at Redskins 8:30 PM 8 [...]

Weapon X-ed Out

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Remember when I said I’d never be inured to heartbreak by the Eagles, but that I didn’t think I could ever fully convert to another team, and that the Stillers were tryin real hard to get me? Well the Eagles are tryin real hard to help em. The only way not re-signing Dawkins makes sense [...]

Do It Any Way You Wanna (c) People’s Choice

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Report: Florida State’s Myron Rolle headed to Oxford – NCAA Football – Bowls – 2008 – This is kinda like a two-part post.  Number one, I’m interested in highlighting the goodness in Division 1-A college football and down at Florida State, in particular.  A Rhodes scholar in the NFL.  Kinda like the anti-Adam Jones.  [...]

NFL Week 19 – Divisional Round

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This morning, I told onea my mans ‘nem that I was willing to put money on the Ravens. Turns out I was right. Wasn’t a particularly pretty game, but that’s the way Baltimore wants to keep the games. Shootout, they got a problem. Well…picture a shootout with that defense. Still, depending on what the Stillers [...]

NFL Week 18 – Wild Card

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Wild card weekend, and the operative word is ‘wild.’ Of course we’re gonna start with the last game. The Eagles, who mathematically shouldn’t even be in the playoffs, have advanced to the Divisional round against the Giants. We are now at the ‘anything can happen’ stage of the season. All the Eagles need is to [...]

NFL Week 15

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The R*s, after a great start, have given it up smooth. I sincerely expected them to look better. It looked like they really had a good formula for winning football, with strong running and good defense. Even with all the losses, the defense is still playing well. They haven’t given up more than 24 points [...]

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